Friday, July 11, 2014

Talks from SAMSI / IMAGe workshop on International Surface Temperature Intiative

We are currently in-situ in Boulder at a workshop organized with SAMSI and IMAGe. Work is ongoing and a formal write up will follow after completion. Most, but not all, of the talks have been streamed and are available for viewing. - Richard Smith provided an overview of the SAMSI program and their expectations for the workshop. - I provided an overview of the ISTI program and progress to date - I deputized for Jared to provide an overview of the databank process - Kate Willett provided an overview of progress with creation of benchmarks and remaining challenges. - Lucie Vincent provided an overview of typical inhomogeneities found in station timeseries and some of their likely causes. - Jaxk Reeves provided an overview of at most one changepoint techniques. - Colin Gallagher provided an overview of fitting regression models. - Robert Lund provided an overview of multiple changepoint techniques. - Enric Aguilar and Victor Venema provided an overview of several state of the art climate homogenization techniques. - Matt Menne provided and overview of the Pairwise Homogenization Algorithm and Bayes Factor Analyses by NCDC and their benchmarking. - I provided an overview of uncertainty quantification in climate datasets. - Colin Morice provided an overview of the HadCRUT4 uncertainty estimation techniques. - Doug Nychka provided an overview of spatial statistical aspects. - Jeff Whitaker provided an overview of comparisons between surface temperature products and dynamical reanalyses driven solely by observed SSTs and surface pressure measurements. - Enric Aguilar gave a talk on problems in some typical data sparse non-N. American / European series. - Finn Lindgren provided a talk on spatial statistical aspects.

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