Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Notes from meeting open to all initiative participants

Last week we held a call with an open invitation to all those actively participating in the initiative. This call concentrated upon where we stand today and where we want to aim for in the coming two years. It is hoped that we can release a new Implementation Plan to replace the current one by the end of July.

The call notes provide a reasonable snapshot of where we stand today as well as what the open issues are and hence I am publicizing via the blog (there are very many meetings of the steering committee and various groups which it would get more than a tad repetetive (and boring) to highlight each one on this blog but salient / general interest calls we will highlight). Comments on the call notes and constructive suggestions for what we should be aiming to do in the coming two years are most welcome.

The call notes are available from here.

As a heads up we also intend to release a fourth beta of the databank this week. This will include a modicum of further station blacklisting but also a (hopefully) CF-compliant netcdf format version so that people can test this and highlight any issues in our netcdf conversion before formal release of a first version - the timing of which is still dependent upon methods paper acceptance. We'll have a further post when this is up.

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