Monday, May 13, 2013

Call for regional inhomogeneity info

To create realistic benchmarks we would like to reproduce times and locations of known sources of inhomogeneity as best we can. Please can you help us. If you know of any regional/countrywide changes to the observing system over time please can you list them here or point us to some documentation/reference. Any information is valuable - even if its quite vague.

Ideally we'd like to know:

WHEN - specific date or month or year or even decade etc.
WHERE - a region, a country, an international GTS/WMO change etc.
WHAT - a change in shelter, thermometer type, automation, observing time/practice etc.
HOW - are there any estimates of the size/direction/nature of the effect of this change?

Please post here and encourage others to do so. We then hope to reward you with some realistic error-worlds to play with.

Kate (and the Benchmarking working group)

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