Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Databank highlighted in EOS issue 5th Feb

A brief communication in EOS appeared today outlining the databank available from http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/2013EO060002/abstract*. The piece is by Jay Lawrimore who heads the task team, Jared Rennie who has done the bulk of the work and myself as a quasi-passenger to the whole enterprise.

This seems an apposite time to update on where we stand vis-a-vis a full first version release. We have done a first blacklisting sweep and are going back for a second try based upon what we learned to see whether we can catch any more issues.

The in-house development version that is a modification of beta 2 now stands at just over 32,500 stations. We have removed 'Atlantis' stations and resolved a large number of issues over wrong geolocation. We almost certainly won't have caught them all at whatever point we release - that's inevitable. But we are increasingly confident we'll have resolved the truly low-hanging fruit issues.

At the same time we have been revising the longer methods paper that Jared is leading based upon author feedback and to reflect the blacklisting. We plan to submit that to the journal soon.

Bottom line is that we are currently shooting for a release of version 1  of the databank mid-to-late March after necessary approval procedures have been followed in mid-March. Of course, that schedule is subject to change if we find any additional issues in the interim.

* The actual paper, for now, is behind a paywall. We will investigate whether we can post a copy and if so will provide a link to such an unrestricted copy in an update to this post.

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