Thursday, December 6, 2012

Databank Release: Beta #2

Today, we have released our second beta version of the global land surface databank. This update includes some changes that were made in response to comments on this very blog, along with a few minor tweaks.

The beta2 release can be found here: Within that directory one can find all the data and code used, along with some graphics depicting the results of all the merge variants. A technical description of the merge program (similar to beta1) is also provided, along with a new file documenting changes from beta1 to beta2.

Beta1 is not forgotten and lost forever. All the data and code from beta1 is located in our archive if anyone still wishes to access it:

Some of the major changes include the following:
  • Added a metadata comparison check of when the data record began
  • Added source data from Sweden, Uruguay, Norway, Canada, and the MetOffice's new HadISD dataset
  • Updated lookup table to determine whether a candidate station is merged, unique, or withheld after a data comparison is made
The original merging methodology can be found here, as well as a description of the changes from beta1 to beta 2 here.

The deadline has passed for new data to be added for an official version 1 release. However there is still plenty of time to provide feedback on all the methodologies used in constructing the databank. Your comments have helped us so far, and we welcome any more that may arise.

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