Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How do I work out where a station series in the merged product originates?

The above image is an example station from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. There were three different sources that went into this merged station. For every temperature value in the merged product, there is a corresponding number. That number represents the spot in the source hierarchy used to merge the stations. Using that number, one can find the station source.

Using the above image, it can be found that the sources belong to GHCN-Daily (source #01, black), russsource (source # 35, red), and ghcnmv2 (source #39, blue). Now that the sources are known, one can find the Stage 2 data for this station. A user can also look further back, and find the original digitized copy (Stage 1), and sometimes even the original paper copy (Stage 0).

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