Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Initiative progress report posted

The first Initiative progress report has been posted here. This details the acheivements, progress against agreed workplans, and any issues. They will be produced annually. Although primarily for reporting purposes to 'sponsors', constructive feedback from others is welcome on this blog. We will do our utmost to take any comments on board in future activities.


  1. Nice work Peter.

    If you like I will write and maintain an R package to access the data. feel free to contact me.

    moshersteven -at-

  2. Thanks Steve. Have followed up by email to discuss further.

    Just to reiterate to all, the aim of this initiative is an open and transparent process. Part of such a process is welcoming contributions from anyone with skills they can contribute to helping further the aims of the initiative. This could be visualization, analysis, software, data sources, data access tools or any other facet you can think of. There is enough work that we aren't about to run out of things to do any time soon ...