Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thanks for input - how this will be considered

Thanks on behalf of the entire organising committee to all those who have taken the time and effort to comment constructively upon the white papers. I am currently in the process of parsing out all comments to the most relevant white papers. In some cases this will involve your post being considered by multiple breakout groups. Within each breakout group we will start the discussion by reading the pertinent comments received before debating amongst those present. Several copies of your remarks will also be available in hard copy for breakout groups to refer to. Breakout chairs have been tasked with ensuring that your comments are adequately considered. There will then be plenary discussions before final decisions are taken. Workshop participants have been urged to read the blog postings that are relevant to their assigned breakout groups in advance of the meeting.

I will be closing comments on all remaining posts at 12Z on 9/2. I will retain comments open on this thread until further notice (comments still to follow the house rules to be considered) but will have limited connectivity and therefore ability to moderate comments until the week after the workshop so any comments received after 9/2 may not be processed until then.

After the meeting next steps will be much clearer and will start to be articulated in a journal article and a technical document although clearly no concrete dates can be given for these appearing. We also hope to emerge from the meeting with some concrete next steps which will be articulated either here or more likely on the site as soon as details are confirmed.

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